Some interesting links, categorised where possible. Non-exhaustive list, things are simply added when I remember to do so.

Managing Run Data

  • GoldenCheetah. Open source program, data is kept locally and in an open format. Possibly a bit difficult to get going with. Edition as of writing (August 2018) still shows signs of having started out as a cycling only application.
  • Strava. The “social” one. Not very good with the data, but all your friends are on here so you use it.



  • OpenStreetMap. A map data provider kept up to date by its users. I often find it provides better information on trails than Google Maps or similar providers. See there is a trail or something else missing? Fix it!
  • Openrouteservice provides the possibility of plotting “isochrones”. The idea is plotting the distance from a point, but using actual roads to measure this distance, not just dumping a circle around the location. Might be interesting when deciding where to run to/from.
  • lets you click spots and create the actual route. Defaults to Google Maps data, but you can easily enable OpenStreetMap.
  • Trail Router tries to find you a running route where you maximise greenery, trails, or no-traffic. Quite some configuration options too! is similar for biking.


  • Sport Vlaanderen Loopomlopen has a list of running routes that are marked with a coloured triangle with legs under it. The routes are in Flanders and Brussels.
  • Natuurlopen Vlaanderen is another list of maintained routes (not sure about markings). These focus on being in nature.
  • AllTrails gathers trail routes you can discover yourself. I found it useful when in the USA, but lacking in Belgium.

Finding a Race


  • Go Running is a website that the VAL links to, so I assume it is relatively complete in Belgian races. Have not tested it thoroughly myself.
  • Stratenlopen Kalender. Enables adding your own races.
  • Piet van der Nat loopagenda. A big excel sheet. Mostly races in The Netherlands, also covers many races in Flanders.
  • Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) includes a bunch of worldwide races. If you want to qualify for the Berlin marathon, you will need one from this list. I guess that implies they are all nicely certified. They also provide a calendar.
  • An overview of the IAAF certified road races. There are gold, silver, and bronze label ones. At least part of that has to do with prize money and number of elite athletes that attend.
  • Runedia. Spanish races. Supposedly has all Spanish races.


  • LBFA calendar is the calendar of the French side of athletics in Belgium. Has outdoor track, indoor track, and also cross country.
  • The VAL (Dutch side) website is crappier and less clear to find things. Generally I look around this wedstrijdaanbod page I think.