1. Pace
  2. Age Grade
  3. Race Prediction
  4. Pete Pfitzinger Heart Rate Zones


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Age Grade

Assigns a percentual value to a time you ran on a certain distance. Data via Alan Jones. This percent enables you to compare yourself to someone of a different age or gender. In essence this value is the ratio of your time to the world record (or expected world record) for someone in your category.

The way I understand it, this does not mean that a value of 70% indicates you are in the top 30% of the world. The value is only there to compare with the values of other people.

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Race Prediction

This predicts your time in one race based on your time in a previous one. Formula devised by Pete Riegel in the 70s.


h m s


Pete Pfitzinger Heart Rate Zones

Using the numbers and categories in Faster Road Racing. Good book, go get it.

Zone Min Max
General aerobic
Lactate threshold