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Chapter 5

The point when some actual info starts. He is saying that if there is something wrong in your posture/form, everything will fall apart. Then some exercises to find sore/stiff spots to ensure those do not ruin everything.

The Posture Fix

Upper body

  1. Open spine and ribs: Finding sore/stiff spots in your back and working them away.
    • Basketball mobility: Basically like foam rolling your back with a ball
    • Travolta peanuts: Foam rolling with something else while using some light weights
  2. Open the front of the chest
    • Pec minor stretch
  3. Put shoulder blades back where they belong
    • Overhead carry
    • Banded arm circles
    • Pull aparts

Lower body

  • A test for hip mobility and a workout if it is not mobile enough
  • A test for ankle mobility and three workouts depending on what is not mobile enough

Posture Test

Tests whether your weight is in the right spot on your feet. Some tricks to get it nicely in the middle while standing still. You are advised to try this out often, focus on how it feels often, make it the new normal.

With your good posture in mind, there are four exercises you should do to help ingrain it.

  • Sling Row
  • Reach Out
  • Donkey Toes
  • Bear Walk

Chapter 6

Your body always is rotating and counter-rotating while you run. If something is not perfect, the rotating might not be correct and you be inefficient: “normal forces of 10-15% of body weight could be 2-3 times as much”. To prevent it, every joint needs enough range of motion and be stable enough. Specifically: spine, hip, feet.


Just a list of exercises.

  • Twisted warriors: 5 on each side, do again with other leg forward.
  • Medball twist: 40 on each side. (Requires medball)
  • Ball bridge twist: 2 minutes total as you alternate sides (requires those big bouncy balls “swiss ball”)
  • Swiss ball tuck twist: 3 sets of 30s on, 30s off (requires swiss ball)
  • Butt scoots: 3 sets of 10 times forwards (5 on each side), 10 times backwards
  • Super swiss side plank: 25 reps each side (requires swiss ball)
  • Thread the needle plank: 20 each side
  • Long arm band squat: 20 each side (requires resistance band)
  • Hang spine twist: 25 each side (requires a pull up bar)


More exercises