Some interesting links, categorised where possible. Non-exhaustive list, things are simply added when I remember to do so.

Managing Run Data

  • GoldenCheetah. Open source program, data is kept locally and in an open format. Possibly a bit difficult to get going with. Edition as of writing (August 2018) still shows signs of having started out as a cycling only application.
  • Strava. The “social” one. Not very good with the data, but all your friends are on here so you use it.

Mapping a Route

  • OpenStreetMap. A map data provider kept up to date by its users. I often find it provides better information on trails than Google Maps or similar providers. See there is a trail or something else missing? Fix it!
  • Openrouteservice provides the possibility of plotting “isochrones”. The idea is plotting the distance from a point, but using actual roads to measure this distance, not just dumping a circle around the location. Might be interesting when deciding where to run to/from.
  • AllTrails gathers trail routes you can discover yourself. I found it useful when in the USA, but lacking in Belgium.
  • lets you click spots and create the actual route. Defaults to Google Maps data, but you can easily enable OpenStreetMap.

Finding a Race

Main focus here will be Belgian races.